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Narrative + Specimen

narrative + type

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This is my favorite project. This book almost didn’t make it into my portfolio because I didn't like the photographs that I had taken.  As a last resort I went to my local coffee shop and took one last shot at photographing this book and I ended up loving the new photography.  This book is a unique project that includes an article about typography, 25 fonts, and a whole lot of colors and pictures.


this book•each chapter

a font family • 5 fonts • 2 pull quotes • a color • an icon • a coffee shop • a drink recipe 


The Project

“The Making of Typographic Man” is an article by Ellen Lupton that runs throughout this book. Mostly in this book the typeface Avenir Next is used. This book focuses on five different typeface families, Old Style, Modern, Sans Serif, Slab Serif, and Transitional.  Each of these typeface families are paired with a San Diego coffee shop and assigned a color. 

The inspiration for the design and additional information was pulled from a quote in the beginning of Lupton’s article “readers today are advised to approach this book with a double shot of espresso”.  This book is 8.5 X 8.5 Inches and printed on 60lb. Polar Matte paper. Hand lettering by Shyleen Oljol.

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