Sara Curran




I love color.  After a year In school with the same people you could tell who's project was who's and my projects were no exception.  

Color - I just love color and always have colorful projects, I think it makes or breaks a project

Minimal - My projects tend to lean towards simple and clean

Handmade Details - I love when things have non-perfect details that are done by hand.

As I set off into this next chapter in my life most of my design focus (outside of work) is on the wedding and creating a home I am proud to call my very own.  I've been a bit uninspired for the wedding so I'm skipping straight onto the house.  


We got a couch! 


I scored this yellow sofa-bed on Facebook Marketplace fore $15! The previous owner was an old lady who had lived in a nursing home for seven years, so the couch hasn't been used for that long.  It seems to be in great condition and I'm so excited it has a pull out bed.  Friends! Please come and visit me in Seattle! We'll see how the house comes together with this as the centerpiece.  

Mustard • Gold • Wicker • Plywood

i'm so into these colors right now, maybe it's because i got that couch, not sure, but this is what i'm loving today!

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