Sara Curran


Jessie Leigh


Jessie approached me wanting a “kick butt” logo for her wedding photography business. Her style is bright, colorful, and with high contrast photos. In our initial talks she shared some inspiration logos that she liked of other photographers. They were very formal, all calligraphy words, and didn’t seem anything like Jessie’s personality. I tried for days to make the look she had guided me towards work, but couldn’t. I decided to scratch all the work I had done and start over with what I thought represented Jessie. This is what I sent Jessie and she loved it. I was so relieved and happy!


Primary LOgo

This logo is bright, funky, and every so slightly retro. The flowers on top and bottom frame the words.



After talking to Jessie I knew I wanted to make a pattern for her. I took the flowers from the logo and created a pattern that can be used on different surfaces.


Secondary logos

The secondary logos are for different uses. On contracts, on social media, on business cards, on stickers, on USB drives or anything else you can think of.