Sara Curran

Wedding Suite

wedding suite

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Cailin is a dear friend gettind married in July.  As a gift to her I designed her paper suite and took her engagement photos.    I started off working with an amazing calligrapher and I found that calligraphy is very trendy right now.  I wanted to branch out and show something a little more out of the box and refined.  When I relized that their names stacked perfectly I was off and running.    The second part of these invitations are the icons.  I could not be happier about how these icons came out.  They are light and airy, simple and crisp.  Illustration is not my strong suit but I cannot get enough of these icons. 


Both wanted the engagement to be shot at the beach. That’s where they met and where he proposed.   We chose the least crowded spot in Manhattan Beach for this shoot.  I talked with Cailin to assemble their wardrobe and we agreed that light and airy was what we were going for.    She wore almost no makeup to encourage the laid back feel of their personalties. 

I was given creative freedom on this shoot.  So I was able to take control of the style of photography I wanted while also keep in mind what photos would work best with the save the dates, and invitation suite. 

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